Easier, faster, effective time & attendance

Software for collecting timesheets, scheduling workforce and speeding up your payroll

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Simple clocking in and out

Depending on your company needs, you can choose most suitable time clocking solution for your employees. Employees can use biometric device, smartphone application, phone calling or web based portal for clocking in and out.

Clear overview of hours worked

Once time records are collected they are transferred automatically from the time clocks to the cloud based software in real time as it happens. Now you’ll have full overview of hours worked.

How whole solution works?

Collect Data → Transfer Data → Manage Data → Process Payroll. Export data seamlessly into all payroll & HR softwares. You can always export data to PDF or Excel.

Employee clocks in/out

Data transferred realtime to software

Get accurate reports

Over 400 happy business customers and at least 10 000 daily users

“Begin software has become irreplaceable tool for our company. We use it for sales-, analytics- and process control. Additionally it allows us to offer quality service and manage our service process in real time.”

Aivi Koppa HR manager
Tondi Puhastustööd OÜ

“The simplest time and attendance software our production company has seen. It saves our accountants lots of valuable time, which usually was wasted on manual calculations.”

Veiko Busch production manager
Diapol OÜ

“We have used Begin software about half a year, and we have seen major savings with this short time. Our accountants and HR manager is more than happy. As well it has improved our everyday processes.”

Siim Liivamägi CEO
Mattias Cafe OÜ